Why Legacy?

We only have One Life - One Legacy that we can leave behind. We will live one life and by our actions provide the written material for our legacy. However, it will truly be written and interpreted by others after we have left this world.

So I ask myself, and I ask you, what is the legacy which you desire to leave behind?What did you write today in the chapter entitled "today"? Did you advance toward your desired legacy, or did you retreat? What you will become is who you were today.

As I write this blog I will be simultaneously challenging myself, and I trust challenging my readers to leave a legacy that matters. One that challenges and changes those you encounter daily and on your journey in life. You have One Life - One Legacy - make it count!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Prepare for the Valley

Valleys happen! Contrary to what a cheapened Christianity would like to sell you and I, even committed Christ followers will encounter valleys. It does not mean you are less faith filled - in fact it might mean just the opposite. James tells us... "when you encounter various trials..." J. 1:3. Note, valleys will happen to the weak & the strong, the rich & the poor, valleys happen to all of us. So the second lesson I've learned in the "Valley of Fire" is that I must prepare for the valley's ahead of time. Preparation is key for survival in the valley. When I prepare before I enter the valley I remember - God's word is a lamp unto my feet. When I prepare - I recognize that although I can not see him or hear him in the valley, I know He will never leave me. When I prepare, the Holy Spirit brings back to my mind His promises - "I will supply all your need" or "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me". When I prepare I run to God not away from God. In the valley is where your legacy is tested and refined. Prepare my friends for we will encounter valleys. I will make it out of the valley - and so will you! Remember we have one life to live and one legacy to leave behind. Prepare so you can handle the valley!


  1. My BFF,
    I am absolutely and completely overwhelmed with thankfulness that I get to walk through this valley with you. THankful also for the friends who came to walk through this valley with us. They have shown themselves as the hands and feet of Christ- where would we be without them? I love you so much....LinnyLee

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. One of my Grandma's favorite saying was: and ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    and you know DW if you keep posting at this rate you are going to break some kind of bloggy record!!! (NOT) Dude this is your site: you dont' have to sneak outa the crawl space or worry about broken fingers........FLY!! Be FREE! express yourself. LOL.

    On the serious side I really like reading your thoughts: they are an inspiration. will be checking in regularly.....